Executive Board

Thomas A. Graul

Thomas A. Graul is a sophomore concentrating in Mathematics with a certificate in Musical Performance. In the past, he has conducted research at the Department of Defense Air Force Research Laboratories,  the University of Nebraska Department of Physics, Materials, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology through the Research Science Institute. Thomas also has a passion for music, playing the double bass. Formerly a member of the professional Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, he is currently a member of the Princeton University Orchestra. Contact Thomas at eic@purj.org.

Sofia G. Dimitriadoy

Sofia G. Dimitriadoy is a sophomore concentrating in Molecular Biology with certificates in Quantitative and Computational Biology, Engineering Biology, and Global Health and Health Policy. Her main interests lie in research, having previously conducted research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center investigating aging-related genes that may contribute to cognitive dysfunction in brain tumor patients, and also analyzing genomic alterations underlying different cancer types through The Cancer Genome Atlas. Sofia is also passionate about music and the arts and continues to cultivate these interests by participating in Sinfonia and designing for The Nassau Literary Review. Contact Sofia at eic@purj.org.

Lillian Xu
Managing Editor of Peer Review

Lillian Xu is a sophomore concentrating in Molecular Biology with certificates in Quantitative and Computational Biology and Engineering Biology. Her interests lie at the intersection of computer science and bioengineering. In the past, she has conducted Atherosclerosis research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and quantitative cell biology research at Harvard Medical School. Currently, she is conducting a CRISPR-based screening project to identify novel mammary stem cell regulators in the context of breast cancer progression. She is also passionate about computer science outreach and leads coding workshops for ProjectCSGIRLS, a national organization dedicated to eliminating the tech gender gap. Contact Lillian at peerreview@purj.org.

Abhiram Karuppur
Managing Editor of Content

Abhiram Karuppur is a junior concentrating in Chemical and Biological Engineering with certificates in Finance, Materials Science and Engineering, and Sustainable Energy. His interests are in the intersection of alternative energy research, such as in fuels and energy efficient materials, as well as coming up with ways to implement these technologies in energy-poor areas. In the past, he has conducted drug discovery research at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and research on organic thin-film transistors at Princeton University. He is an editor for the campus newspaper, leads tours of the School of Engineering, and plays the oboe and trombone in the campus ensembles. Contact Abhiram at content@purj.org.

Luke Henter
Director of Finance

Luke Henter is a sophomore in the Woodrow Wilson School, focusing on Political Systems, with a certificate in the History and Practice of Diplomacy. His interests include the factors impacting elite control of a nation’s foreign policy practices and the differences in the foreign policies of various systems of government, with a particular regional interest in the Middle East. He has aided researchers at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He is also politically engaged at Princeton, serving on the Governing Council of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society as a member of the Speakers Council. Contact Luke at finance@purj.org.

Alice Xue
Director of Design and Production

Alice Xue is a sophomore in the computer science department, planning on pursuing the Neuroscience and Statistics and Machine Learning certificates. In the past, Alice has conducted breast cancer metastasis research in Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. On campus, she is involved as an editor in Innovation, the science and technology magazine in Princeton, and she is also an advising fellow for Matriculate to help low-income high school students through the college application process.

Contact Alice at design@purj.org.